Monday, May 28, 2012

Blue Branch Necklace

I know it has been so long since my last post. I have been really busy with my internship at Alzerina Jewelry but I love it and Alzerina is teaching me so much. Check out her website to see her beautiful jewelry!

I am currently working on a really big project inspired by the Melisandre character from Game of Thrones. It its not finished yet but here is a photo of the work in progress! I plan to expand the bottom so that it is wider at the bottom and gradually thins out to the clasps on either end so there are no more weird spaces.

For those of you who did not read the books or watch the show Melisandre is a pretty intense character and she wears awesome jewelry. Her necklace in the show is a giant ruby but since I do not have the means to obtain such a special stone I chose red jasper witch is more earthy looking and a bit more my style. I will post pictures as soon as it is done but it may be a while. The weave I chose is pretty intricate and time consuming. 

But I did feel the need to step away from this huge endeavor for a moment to make a quick crystal necklace.  I used blue and gold crystals to create the sides of the necklace and gold plated chain for the center. I have never made anything like it before. It's really different from what I normally do but I love it anyway! Hope you do to!